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Site2You Project & Our Team

Get to know our team a little better and find out how the idea to develop a website builder appeared.

Make Your Website With Site2You!

Our Team

Our Team of qualified professional in the Web industry developed a completely sophisticated set of the tools and joint services that let even a newbie create your own website fast and easy!

All of our employees had solid experience in website development and internet technology before theyjoined Our Team. Among them there are highly skilled experts with a large portfolio of the most successful freelancing projects.

Web Technology Market research proved that software developing activity does not fulfill user’s requirements. We had not found the complete website solution, so we came up with the plan to start this Project.

Make your website with Site2You

We are very proud of our product and we really want you to experience all it's benefits. You can easily make your website for FREE with Site2You by subscribing for our 7 Day Trial. Once the trial is over you can either leave or subscribe for a paid service. There are no any hidden fees, so you ain't gonna be charged a single cent for the Trial. You should try us right now!

The idea behind the project

The idea is simply to provide all possible tools and services needed to create a website. Today even a novice without special programming or designing skills manage to create professional looking and fully functional websites. All of the issues or queries are handled and resolved by our qualified Support Team in a short period of time.Our user-friendly and easy-navigated Content Management Systemlets the users intuitively perform all of the changes required to create a website or update it afterwards. Make your own website and feel the difference!

Started out in 2004 and for over 4 years our programmers have been working on the development of the management panel that would meet all of the expectations and fit the bill of the most demanding users. Meanwhile, the project managers had been recruiting the staff for the Support Team. Then, as now, the Project has proved its value. Every person willing to have a professional website should not face any kind of difficulties associated with programming, designing, hosting or webmail issues. You definitely have your own business to manage and in order to create your own website you do not have to learn HTML, PHP, JavaScript or coding. Another milestone was to compose all of the data the users might have needed within one interface.

The combination of high quality, prompt services and affordable pricing makes this unique Turnkey Solution the right one for your business. For a comparatively small price you make your own website live today and start making money right away.

We understand the needs and corporate requirements of each particular company that comes to us to create a website. We present the customization services you need as a part of routine on the way to your unique and personalized website. Another critical point was to host the user websites on the most secure servers alongside with the other administrative software being used.

The four years of hard work and bright ideas have been implemented in a genuine and unique project - Site2You. We do not stop on what has already been achieved. We work on the upgrades and additional modules all the time. Among the recently released, there are Pay Pal, shopping cart, Blogs, MP3 playersand a photo gallery. Currently we plan to launch forum, guest book, customizable polls, website statistics and many more add-ons that make your site complete and successful.

Site2You is an ultimate all-in-one Turnkey solution including everything you may ever need to create your own website.

Enjoy our Premium Services.

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