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Site2You Webmaster Articles

Improve your webmaster skills with our comprehensive guides on website management and promotion.

Website Management

How to choose a perfect hosting for your Turnkey 2.0 website?

Do you like one of our Turnkey 2.0 designs? Does it look perfect for your business, affordable, and seems to be easy to manage, but you are not tech-savvy and have no idea if your current hosting meets the listed Turnkey requirements? Then, this article is for you.

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How to create a photography website

Photo gallery is one of the necessary components of professional websites, whether it is a corporate website or just a personal page. And in order to provide our customers with an ability to view and share photos online, Site2You has added an indispensable successful website feature – photo gallery. This photo gallery component offers an easier, more intuitive way to view and manage pictures.

As always Site2You is ready to help. We will create an attractive photography website within our advanced website builder. With our easy-to-use photo gallery and this detailed tutorial you will get things done at your fingertips. So, let’s start!

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Site2you servers uptime

At Site2You, we use only top quality servers. This translates to great reliability and uptime. As a result, within our own server farm and facilities that are under our own control and management, we guarantee that our network will be up and functioning 99.9% of the time per month. Networks are constantly monitored 24 hours a day and our technical support is working 24/5.

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New controllable balance of webmaster working hours

Needless to say that Site2You website builder is the most intuitive and user-friendly administrative tool for creating a professional website online – check all the advantages during free 7 day trial period and get convinced of the quality of our services. However, initially our site builder is intended for users of all business needs and web skill levels, so beside a 24/5 Support we developed a huge knowledge base and regularly updated FAQ section to make a website creation process easy and efficient for everyone. More over, if you can't find the necessary solution in the Help center, or your knowledge is not enough to manage some specific operation, you can contact our qualified webmaster team – they can do necessary changes around your website and if needed, fully customize it according to your purposes.

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How to create a podcast website

The variety of different kinds of web mediums in the Internet is enormous. Everyone can find something to fit their tastes. Competition becomes more touch with time and every website owner is interested in giving something special and unique to their audience. When Internet and personal technologies like iPods and MP3 players became an integral part of our life, podcasting immediately got its place in web development. Podcast is am audio file which contains your own radio show or any audio you want to share with people. For those who prefer listening as a way of information perception podcast websites are the best solution. Why not to target at this niche?


From now you can create your own podcast website in our website builder. With a recently released in-built MP3 Player this can be as easy as ABC.

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How to create a video blog website

Video blogging is another good way of showcasing your business on the web. With its help you inform the world about your latest products, announce achievements and review some world news and events important for the niche you are working in. Vlog, as an interactive, frequently updated medium can attract more potential customers and increase your company's web presence.


In general, it doesn't differ from usual blog too much. The only difference is that blog posts are made in video format. This appeals to up-to-date, tech-savvy users that may be your potential clients. Creating a video blog is not that difficult, especially if you are using Site2You website builder.


Today we will create a simple vlog for a legal advice office Morgan&Phillips LLP. 

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How to create a news website

Creating a news website is not an easy task, as you have to load tons of information to your website, and more over, you need to make all info sections attract visitors' attention. Today it's hard to catch up with all the information which floods the mass media. How to win through such amount of competitors and deliver content to your visitors? Never-ending news flow should be reflected on your website as well as possible. It's very important to bring all kinds of info representation into play – some people have better visual memory, others prefer listening rather than reading or watching. So try to integrate text, photos, videos and podcasts in your news website the way to reach the necessary effect and draw traffic to your site.


As always Site2You is ready to help and today we will consider some basics of creating a news website within our site builder. You will see that it's quite easy to transform a business style e-turnkey to a news resource.



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How to customize a website

Maintaining a business you certainly need to present it on the web. Today it's impossible to be successful without having a professional website. Modern technologies enable everyone to build websites even without special web development skills and knowledge. However, it could become challenging to find a good software or web maker, much time could be lost. Fortunately, there is a solution available for users of all skill levels and business requirements – intuitive online website building package from Site2You.


This article covers all aspects of customizing a website within our website builder. We will show you how easy it is to add pages, edit texts, change layouts, embed videos to your website and many more.

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How to create a blog website

Today thousands of websites available in the Internet are made in the blog format. Since 1997, when Jorn Barger coined the term weblog (with time it shortened to blog ), this type of website became extremely popular.


Let's find out the main reasons for this.


1. Blogs are great for communication. It's all about interactivity here. Comments are an integral part of any blog, so you can get to know what people think about your ideas, products, experience etc.


2.Blogs enable everyone to publish their thoughts on the web. There are lots of easy-to-use blog applications available, so you don't have to be a professional web developer to get presented in the Internet. Any individual or company has an opportunity to address hundreds of thousands of people every day.

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How to create and customize a logo

One of the most important and complex processes in managing a website is logo designing. However, once you come up with the concept behind the logo, the rest doesn't seem to be that hard. Website logotype requires a good bunch of consideration as it is the main carrier of your company's brand and idea. When a user visits a website or any resource in which a logo is displayed, the first thing that hits them should be the logo. That's why put your best effort into making logo design perfect both in concept and technical implementation.

This article might be helpful in your logo design attempts. Learn how to easily customize a logotype and apply it within our website builder. In order to practice in logo designing you may download free logo example which was used in the following tutorial. The folder includes .PSD file, so you may simply tailor this logotype to your project needs.

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How to create a site

If you want to create a website but don't know where to start, you might be interested in the following information. Like any initiative, website requires a good deliberation first. Before thinking about your websites design and structure, decide what kind of site you want to have and who is your audience. Is making profit the main goal of your website? These questions will determine the amount of time and financial resources you have to put into the site's creation.

There are always two different ways to create a website you should know about.

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Beginner's Guide to SEO - Critical Components

Each of the following components are critical pieces to a site's ability to be crawled, indexed, and ranked by search engine spiders. When properly used in the construction of a website, these features give a site/page the best chance of ranking well for targeted keywords.

Learn on the following topics:
- Website Accessibility
- URLs, Title Tags & Meta Data
- Search-Friendly Text

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