30 Top Rated WordPress Joomla and HTML Templates

Today we would like to share with you 30 the most popular themes that have been tested for their quality by hundreds of happy users. You can find here themes for different content management systems. WordPress fans will be pleased with the amount of high quality designs they can find here, and Joomla lovers will find a big variety of possible options as well. If you’re not looking for a CMS template, there are also HTML templates at your choice. They are built with pure HTML and CSS, there is nothing else that could draw away your attention. If you’re looking forward to renovating your website, it is always a good decision to stick with a reliable choice, with something that is proven to satisfy your expectations.

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5 Ways to Build Your Brand Online

In the age of the Internet, creating a reputable name for yourself online is crucial to your site’s success. Whether you are just starting out or are an Internet veteran, there are many things you can do to improve your online presence and increase your visibility and credibility on the World Wide Web.

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The Right Understanding of Dominant and Recessive Colours

How you use dominant and recessive colours in infographics or in any graphic designs or images for that matter can influence the effect on how an image is perceived by its viewers. Some colors are quite complex as it can take the hue of another colour. The choice of colours for web or graphic designing is an important consideration in order to produce the right impression and message that you want to communicate to your viewers. And the proper use of dominant and recessive colours will highly influence the desired results from your conceptual designs.

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20 Incredible Conceptual Logo Designs For Your Inspiration

Logo design is an important part of the branding process for any company, website or non-profit organisation but more often than not, logo’s tend to be quite boring and don’t make use of any real concept that’s likely to help the brand form a proper identity.

One way to combat this is to create a logo for your company based on a concept (i.e. a conceptual logo design). To put it simply, a conceptual logo design is a logo that has a hidden/double meaning that represents the nature of brand it’s promoting. When these types of logos are done well, they can gain a huge amount of attention for your business/website but creating a great conceptual logo is no easy task.

To give you some inspiration, I’ve rounded up a list of a few of my favourite conceptual logo designs that are sure to get your creative juices flowing.
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Reviewing the Principles of Effective Web Design in 2013 [Infographic]

“Back in my day, we didn’t have the Internet.” Sure, we hear this phrase proudly declared by our trusty elders, but nowadays it’s nearly impossible to imagine a world that’s not immediately associated with, “wide web.”

In recent years, the Internet has steadily-progressed into THE optimal resource for global data and communication; transforming the ways in which developed nations are able to search, socialize and shop….all in the comfort of their PJs.

To meet the burgeoning demands of cyberspace fervor, businesses have created their own websites as a way to expand their consumer niche.

Professional websites have become a crucial component in stabilizing the successes of business ventures, and specific guidelines should be met in order to satisfy the expectations of site visitors. The following information highlights valuable, site design tips that every website builder should take note of.
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The Anatomy Of A Great Website Design

Building a website isn’t a simple process, it takes time, commitment and an eye for detail to create something that is not only going to be appealing to visitors, but also easy to use and well-branded. These days, almost every business has their own website and as you’ll probably have noticed from browsing the internet over the years, some are a lot more well-designed than others and typically, it’s the well designed ones that are successful in terms of generating revenue and customers for businesses.

But what exactly makes a website great? Is it all about the design? Coding? Is ensuring that it’s responsive and viewable on mobile devices important or not? These are all good questions, so let’s find out the answers. Continue reading

How to Process and Accept Credit Cards on Your Website

Often when a small business owner is thinking about accepting credit card payments online, they find the process intimidating and confusing. It’s important to understand exactly what is involved, so you can work that process logically, one step at a time, putting in place the necessary components, and establishing the correct relationships to make those transactions occur securely and affordably.
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3 Reasons Your Ecommerce Site Isn’t Converting

Annoyed that you put all that time and effort into building an ecommerce website when you’re not making any sales? Assuming that your SEO tactics are successful in generating traffic to your site, the problem with your conversion rate could be caused by poor customer experience. Specifically, a lengthy or annoying checkout process, poor site usability, and slow page speed can all be significant factors in explaining why your ecommerce site isn’t seeing any commerce.

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How to Succeed in an Online Networking Business

The web could be called as a blessing in disguise. This is because you get several opportunities to make money and sustain in the fierce competition. Among the various options to make money, you have online networking business. These businesses use the idea of network marketing to generate a number of leads to sell out different products and services with the help of several internet marketing techniques. So it is a blend of networking business over the web. The same old MLM business emerged out using modern means of internet for people to make money and sustain in the fierce competition. In fact, working over the web for these businesses are beneficial as compared to the older ones as you get to see consumers available all the time over the web, which is not possible through the old traditional approach of doing this business. You have the option of choosing any niche of your choice while working over the web, while going for your online networking business. If you intend to launch your own online networking business consider the following important tips to carry out this venture with success. Let’s check them out:

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How to Give Your Site Personality

No one knows the exact number of pages that can be found on the Internet, but I think everyone can agree that indeterminate amount is growing each day. And as the amount of content online grows, it becomes harder for your website to stand out.

To give yourself a chance of attracting visitors and keeping them interested, you need to make sure your site has a personality. This doesn’t necessarily mean your site needs to be flashy or have elaborate elements. You need simply need to establish a consistent design and voice for the content—and both of those things should be different than other sites out there.

Here are my tips for establishing your site’s personality:
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