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Site2You Website Tour

Scroll through this quick tour on signing up for Site2You website builder Trial.

Creating a website with Site2You website builder is fun and easy. Below you will find 3 quick steps that you need to perform in order to make your own website:

Step 1: Browse designs.

We have a large collection of premium quality Turnkey designs to choose from. You can browse our turnkey designs right now and pick the one you like best.

Easy template search

With our handy filters you can quickly sort our gallery depending on the template type, category, keywords and even color

Hover to Preview

You can easily preview a lager size of any template just by hovering your mouse over it. In order to proceed to the template details click the “preview” button.

step1 image

Step 2: Preview website design.

After you have chosen a proper design that corresponds to your project needs, you are being redirected to a template preview page. At this step you can preview the live demo of the template and review its features.

Full Size Preview

You can easily preview the
full sized live version of
the tempate just by clicking on it

Explore the Features

As long as we sell two versions of site builder templates, you might want to see what’s the difference. This information will list all the features of the given template. so you will see what you get once signing up for trial.

24/5 Support Line

You may have some additional
questions or concerns, that is why we’ve made reaching support that easy. With just one click of a button you can access our Live Chat or request a call.

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Step 3: Sign up for Trial

No matter what template you choose, you can start your FREE 7 day trial and build a website with it. The signup process takes only a few seconds and has no hidden fees. You will be able to evaluate the quality of our products, get a feel for things and try your skills before purchasing. You will get a temporary domain name to create a website online.

Secure Form

As you can see, we are not asking for any personal or billing details, which means that it’s totally safe to sign up for our Free 7 Day Trial.

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Free for   7 Days!

Get started in 30 seconds, no credit card, no commitment

What next?

Professional webmaster help

You will have an opportunity to chat with our Support team and submit tickets to our webmasters who are available 24/5. You may use our knowledge database (FAQ, Help Center). Learn how you can build website fast and easy.

Sign up for premium services!

7 day trial period passed. You can save all changes you made, make the payment and provide all necessary information for your website. Otherwise, your trial website will be suspended and then deleted from the server within 10 days. You can switch to the paid mode using PayPal secure payments system or Google Checkout (direct credit card payment).

Website setup

Take your time and build a website up to your business needs and personal requirements. During 3 days, after the payment process is completed, you need to provide the customization information (if you still have something to change) and update your domain name information. After all changes are done, your website will be set up.

Special offer for current user of Site2You

Create a complete website using an advanced website builder from Site2You with no setup fee*. Empower your website with the advantage of better updates and improved support!

Now your website is ready! You can either update the website by yourself via CMS or submit a ticket to us informing on what changes should be done.

Sign up and get all of these advantages

  • - 3 hours of certified webmaster work monthly. 24/5 support.
  • - Royalty Free stock photos
  • - Ready to use website texts
  • - Unlimited mail boxes
  • - Unlimited pages
  • - Set of necessary features and functionality to build a website. Among them various forms and map option, SEO key word and Meta Tags option, password-protected areas, blogs, video and media embed. On the top of that are recently released MP3 player, Pay Pal facilities, shopping cart, photo gallery, Polls, RSS feeds etc.

Start to create your own website now! All this time Site2You development team works hard on CMS functionality improvement adding more and more NEW features for easy and convenient work on your websites!

* This offer is available for the Premium plan only!

Explore Features
  • Vast Gallery of Premium Website Designs

    Vast Gallery of Premium Website Designs

    Good website starts with a professionally designed template. Browse the catalog of our ready-made websites and get the one for your project. Your dream website is a few clicks away. Customize and add a pinch of individuality to any of the offered designs . Flexibility is guaranteed.
  • User-friendly CMS With Up-to-date Widgets and Add-on's

    User-friendly CMS With Up-to-date Widgets and Add-on's

    Working on the website you, like an artist, are creating a masterpiece. Various tools and widgets are at your service. Our intuitive console lets you add, edit or delete items on the website with minimal efforts Create a website, make it unique but still professionally looking, only the sky is the limit.
  • PayPal list and Shopping cart

    PayPal list and Shopping cart

    Start selling online today with our easy to use shopping widgets. Upload your items and setup the “buy now” button by PayPal. We also have a handy shopping cart, so your customers will be able to order multiple items at a time by adding them to the cart.
  • Handy Blogging Platform

    Handy Blogging Platform

    Blogging is extremely popular these days, almost every website tends to have its own blog. That is why we have developed a simple blogging platform and are still working to improve it with new features and widgets. Adding blog posts with rich texts and images is really handy in our system.
  • Multimedia Content

    Multimedia Content

    Escape the boredom of the multi-paged text-only website and add a spark of entertainment with our multimedia widgets. Complement your website with YouTube, Yahoo, Google or custom videos with a simple drag'n'drop. MP3 player lets you play the background music, add play lists or professional podcasts on a regular basis.
  • Your Own Domain Name

    Your Own Domain Name*

    Having a unique ( and catchy domain name is an obligatory condition for any professional website. We provide you with one for free. In case you already have your own domain, or willing to transfer it to our system — everything is possible. Our team will take care of the details for you.

    *This feature is only available for Turnkey 1.0

  • Powerful Hosting

    Powerful Hosting*

    Get our 99% up-time guaranteed hosting with unlimited storage and fast bandwidth. Site2you high-performance servers are optimized for operational efficiency and assure your website's seamless functionality. There's no need to mess with server configuration or databases, everything is already set for you.

    *This feature is only available for Turnkey 1.0. 10Gb hosting space included.

  • Unlimited number of Mailboxes, E-mail forwarding and Webmail

    Unlimited number of Mailboxes, E-mail forwarding and Webmail*

    Signing up with Site2You you can create numerous e-mail accounts on your own domain ( Alternatively, e-mail forwarding is arranged right from your Admin Panel. Specify the target email address and receive emails right away. Our Webmail interface lets you manage your correspondence from any computer with the internet connection.

    *This feature is only available for Turnkey 1.0

  • SEO Friendly website

    SEO Friendly website

    Our websites are solely HTML-designed. All of the content is proven to be read and indexed by the major search engines. Newbies and professional webmasters will find it handy, you have the tools for fast and easy Meta tags, Pages names and HTML titles set up. Add your website's name and Meta description and let your visitors find and bookmark your business today.
  • Sufficient Timely Support and Interactive Ticket System

    Sufficient Timely Support and Interactive Ticket System

    5 days a week round the clock we are here to assist you and answer your questions. Get the guidelines and real time experience with our on-line chat managers. Built-in trouble ticket system lets you communicate with our qualified webmasters right from your control panel. Want to discuss your project , give us a call or shoot us an email! We work for your comfort and satisfaction.
  • Certified Webmasters Work

    Certified Webmasters Work

    Have no time to configure everything on your own? Want to customize your website beyond the given limits or add some functionality which is not available through control panel? Let our experienced webmasters do that for you. Some of our premium accounts are equipped with a certain number of hours of certified webmaster work, but you can always purchase some extra hours for your project.
  • Premium Stock Photos

    Premium Stock Photos*

    Your website design is absolutely dependent on the photos and images that you use. Most of the free images are overused around the Internet, so if you want to make your website unique and professional, premium stock photos is the right choice for you. Site2You: provides all our customers with images from leading stock photo galleries absolutely for free!

    *This feature is only available for Turnkey 1.0

  • Download your Source Files

    Download your Source Files*

    Purchasing a Turnkey 2.0 package you are free to download your websites source files any time you need them. While most of the website builder solutions trap your files on their servers we make it easy and non-painful to discontinue services.

    *This feature is only available for Turnkey 2.0

  • Multilingual platform

    Multilingual platform

    International business opportunities are wide open for you if you create your website with us. We offer a custom-developed multilingual feature that allows you to add content in a few languages at a time without switching from one language to another. You complete page by page comparatively fast and open your website to the world with grace.

Free for   7 Days!