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Template 36429

Template ID: 36429

Type: Turnkey 2.0

Price: $110

Template 33264

Template ID: 33264

Type: Turnkey 2.0

Price: $91

Template 33245

Template ID: 33245

Type: Turnkey 2.0

Price: $171

Template 32340

Template ID: 32340

Type: Turnkey 2.0

Price: $81

Template 31667

Template ID: 31667

Type: Turnkey 2.0

Price: $172

Template 31662

Template ID: 31662

Type: Turnkey 2.0

Price: $175

Template 31051

Template ID: 31051

Type: Turnkey 2.0

Price: $176

Template 30974

Template ID: 30974

Type: Turnkey 2.0

Price: $173

Template 30517

Template ID: 30517

Type: Turnkey 2.0

Price: $177

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How to choose a design?

  • When choosing a template pay attention to the basic elements- menu buttons’ placement and page layouts. All the rest -Images, colors, names and fonts are easy to change.
  • One request to the webmaster may change your template from basic to unique. Send us your Logo and we will adjust the color scheme to match it and reflect your corporate identity.
  • The look of the template may be changed in minutes. Functionality is a keystone you should rely on. All of our templates have various forms, maps, SEO key words, password-protected areas, blogs, video and media embedded, MP3 player, Pay Pal shopping cart, photo gallery, RSS feed, Polls etc.
  • If you do not find the right design for your company, just ask us to make some changes for you. A new header image, colors, your logo and company name on the site will make it look totally different.
  • Before you select a template for your company, make sure that you have an idea of how your information should be structured and arranged on the site. Click on preview to see other pages and the layouts available.

How to choose a design?

  • If your business is totally different from the one listed on the template’s categories, do not give up. All of our templates are fully editable and may be adjusted up to your business needs and personal requirements.
  • Starting your site with a template saves your time, helps to structure your company information and place it on specific pages. Your site will surely have a unique personalized look. Our Webmasters are always here to assist you with it.
  • Do not like the main image on the site? Have your own one or just an idea what you want to see there? A wide selection of stock images will save your day and give you options to choose from.
  • The Menu items do not correspond to your business needs? Sign up for a free trial account and see how easy it is to change the Menu items' names, positions, add more pages or hide them.
  • Do you like two of the templates and are not sure which one to start your trial with? Sign up for both and get a real time experience. Feel how flexible the templates and test the tools.