Top 10 Web Design Mistakes To Avoid

webdesign mistakes

Business websites are rapidly taking over the brick and mortar stores; modern people are getting familiar with online transactions. With that said, website owners should design their websites in such a way that they can make maximum benefit out of it.

Here is a list of common web design mistakes that most people make; by avoiding these mistakes you can create a high end, user-friendly and profit generating website.

1. Only Image No Text Syndrome

An image speaks thousand words; but if you put only images on your website and no text that might be a blunder on your part. All websites need visibility; to gain visibility in the search engines you need to put text on your website so that the algorithm can understand the topic of the website.

If you intend to target organic search traffic, make sure there is enough text on the website. The template should accommodate the text properly.

2. Call to Action below First Fold

What you present above the first fold makes a significant impact on the viewers’ mind. If you want your visitors to call you, make sure they can see the phone number when they land on the page.

As a designer you have to understand the objective of the website – what the owner wants to achieve with the website. With that information you have to arrange the components of the webpage properly.

In case the call to action is present on a specific page of the website, you have to channelize the traffic to that page from all parts of the website – exactly in the same way a funnel works.

3. Unplanned Use of Font

Using too many font faces and multiple font sizes is not a good practice. This hurts branding and this distracts visitors; your readers would feel discomfort while browsing the website. This can affect conversion harshly.

It would be good to gather some knowledge on typography. Different type faces reflect different sentiments. While creating a technical website you have to use the font which goes well with the theme. Similarly while creating fashion website you have to use creative and artistic fonts.

It is also recommended to be consistent with font size and not to use too many font sizes on your website.

4. No Color Scheme

Choosing right color is important when it comes to design a successful website. If you know the color psychology that’s an added advantage; you can choose impactful color combinations that would result in better conversion. Even when you do not know much about color theories, you can still choose color combinations based on your aesthetic sense.

A good website will have a color scheme that will go with the theme of the business. Apart from aesthetics, color schemes also help to establish brand awareness. There are big brands which are popular for the patterns and colors they use on their websites and marketing materials.

5. Making the website live without a logo

This can be a blunder on your part; a website without logo is like a person without SSN! Logo is the identity of your business; believe it or not, most of your customers would remember your business by the logo.

Whenever a banner ad or any promotional campaign goes live, people look for a business logo there. Viewers hardly have time to search the business name – by inserting your business logo in the marketing materials you can create a greater impact on the viewers mind.

6. Not making a mobile compatible version

Statistics shows that higher number of people are accessing internet from mobile devices these days and the number is increasing consistently. Neglecting mobile users would be a blunder on your part.

Create a mobile friendly version of your website; with the latest improvements in the field of mobile application development etc. it is now easy to setup a mobile friendly websites.

Also, the layout of the mobile website should be different – you have to present the content in a clear and precise way and you have to make the linkable areas large so that people can easily click on it.

7. Important information should not be more than 3-clicks away from home page

Make sure all the useful information that people might look for is available within 3 clicks from the home page. Visitors do not spend much time on a website – if they cannot find what they are looking for, they would simply leave your website.

You have to design your website in such a way that all the data your visitors might need are either present on or linked from the home page. If you think that your visitors might be interested in the FAQ section, put a link to the FAQ page form home page. In short, present everything that your visitors might need in order to take a decision.

8. Ignoring search engines completely

This is another mistake most of the webmasters do; it is true that you have to implement techniques to offer high end user experience but you should not ignore the search engines! Search engines are still the major source of free traffic.

By making some small changes on your website you can make your website search engine friendly.

9. No search option

Search option is essential; there has to be a search box which your visitors can use to find out the right information on your website. As a webmaster you should always try to present the most valuable information on the home page but if something is still left OR one of your visitors is looking for very specific information, the search box can help them navigate to the right page.

10. Push marketing – “Register to visit the website”

This is a bad practice – even when your primary objective is to increase registration, you cannot make it compulsory for your visitors to register in order to enter in. Many people are skeptical about sharing their mail id so a large chunk of traffic would bounce back.

If you really want to increase registration, offer a great user interface or offer something unique. Present the USP of your service or product on your website so that visitors feel excited to register.

web design mistakes

Author bio: Stanley Gallor is a web designer and usability expert. He writes articles on various topics ranging from website design, mobile apps to digital marketing. He recommends to visit Simple SEO Group to get the latest updates about SEO and Online Marketing.

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