3 Keys to Generating More Sales Leads with Adwords

Google Adwords, a new trend source of revenue for Google via advertisements. Adwords features are IP address exclusion and frequency capping. Via Adwords, cost-per-click, cost-per-thousand-impressions or site targeted advertising etc., are possible. It is supported in local, national, and international medium. Google Adwords indeed are very effective in generating sales leads as well as they help in sending targeted traffic to well designed and high converting pages. Google Adwords have also been proved as a useful tool for virtually any business, be it inline or offline that depends on generating qualified, low cost sales leads. All this is achieved through advertisements. Advertisement varies between the text and image. Adwords contain one headline comprising 25 characters and additionally two text lines are available. Image ads are followed with different Interactive Advertising Bureau standard sizes. Let us see essential keys for generating more sales leads with Adwords.

To find targeted keyword phrases, Keyword research is must

Adwords management is nothing but avoiding general search terms which generate traffic but no sales factor to see. To promote any business, a catchy keyword is a must and is very necessary. That acts as the profit element as well. Wrong keywords lead to unhealthy business and hence no return will be seen. Adwords advertisers would prefer to give more per click if the keywords are plain and understandable. Bid on the most obvious and popular keywords and as a result, they will pay more per click. Possible keyword combination aimed to focus on business needs is the key factor in determining exact keywords. One can do perfect business because the targeting of ads are done by keyword selection. Keyword choice is the ultimate factor in deciding the business to a large extent globally. Therefore identification and selection of an appropriate keyword, matching your business need is very important.

There are many advertisers who are ready to bid on the most popular and easy to remember keywords. Hence, whenever they get an option to purchase any such keywords, they instantly become ready to pay any amount for them. In fact they pay more per click. The Google “Advertiser Competition” helps you to know the competitiveness of the keyword and also the number of competitors that are bidding on the same keyword. Not alone that “Search Volume” would let you know how many searches are using this keyword in their searches.

Landing Page Optimization

Top online marketing company means production of more sales at affordable cost. As internet is the common medium where everybody can share their views, advertise their ideas, keywords should be specific and optimized page should be there for landing page i.e. home page for each major keyword group and it minimizes cost per sales lead. Adwords visitors should be navigated through the sales lead generation process. Moreover options should be provided to visitors to determine the most profitable combination in the landing page. In this way more sales can be possible at a reasonable price.
One should always be focused on creating their landing page specific to their keyword. You should try to avoid sending visitors to your home page. All the Adwords visitors should be through a proper sales and lead generation process in a linear way that is quick enough to capture their important contact and qualifying information. Also, you should split test your offers and landing page to determine the most profitable combination. This would help you to measure the effectiveness of alternative page elements. The winning combination would undoubtedly generate the most sales leads at the lowest cost.

Minimize cost per lead

Many would think that it is more profitable to campaign with many keywords but soon they would realize that most of the sales leads are generated through small keywords. This would soon make you want to eliminate or reduce your bids for unprofitable keywords. Now you are left wondering that how would you ever get to know which keywords are profitable to you and which ones are not? For this query, Google supplements free conversation tracking code that is installed in your sales lead confirmation page. This conversation tracking code will give you the conversation rate and also the cost per conversation for each and every keyword in your Adwords account.
Then you also have the option of Google Analytics. Google Analytics a powerful plugin tracks all traffic sources to a site. It not only counts Adwords but also the entire visitor’s demographic details information also seen. Adwords with Google Analytics are the perfect partners to make smart keyword choices and bid strategies to minimize cost per sales lead. Similarly for optimization, many WordPress plugins are available for free that helps to get more choices in getting the perfect keyword combination.
Google’s Adwords conversation tracking and Google Analytics provide you with the tools that you need the most. These tools would assist you in taking a smart decision and at the right time. They help you analyze the smart keyword choices and help you strategize your bid just in order to maximize your cost per sales lead. This combination no doubt is very powerful in itself.


Adwords are the new trend in internet industry. Adwords is really a valuable tool for advertisers. Adwords campaign can give you valuable insights and save you a lot of time and money to optimize for words, which don’t work for you. Sharing of information and growing business are increased by means of Adwords. Business magnets though they do online or offline business nowadays prefers to do businesses with catchy keywords and low price sales lead helping to grow in the industry. The same can be followed by emerging budding professionals as well. Main competitors for Google Adwords are Yahoo! Search Marketing and Microsoft ad Center. But still as Google is dominating us like anything, it is no wonder or no doubt that Google Adwords has taken the top place in the world. Let us do more business by going with Adwords.

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