How to Find Better Twitter Followers

You’ve been on Twitter for a few months, maybe even a couple of years. You have your share of followers and you feel that your brand on the social network is finally taking off.

Except…you can’t help but wonder about the people following you. It doesn’t quite feel effective anymore. You aren’t getting retweets, no one is replying to your tweets, and you are lucky if someone follows you back.

This means it’s time to do two things – cleanup who you are following and find the right people to follow.

1) Clean up Twitter.

There are several apps that you can use to clean house (one service such as FriendOrFollow will let you know who is not follow you or has recently unfollowed you). Services like this will do one major thing – help you figure out who is not following you back. While it’s good to give people time to find out that you are following them, after two weeks of newly following someone, if they haven’t followed back, they probably have no intention to ever follow back.

Remember – if someone isn’t following you back – and unless you have some detrimental reason to follow their tweets – you will never benefit from their Twitter account. It’s time to cut the cord.

2) Follow the followers.

Seek out one of your closer Twitter accounts. No, not your BFF. The account that resembles you the most. You own a consulting business, they own a consulting business. They sell homemade cozies on Etsy, so do you. You talk about your favorite local bars, they talk about that too. It’s your ultimate competitor, and all serious tweeters have them.

Now find that person and find out who follows them. Specifically, seek out their top ten or twenty followers. Read their tweets and find the people who have mentioned them and retweeted them. These are your active followers. These are the tweeters who will send out your message as well as respond to it (they have already proved they would, haven’t they?).

3)  Pay attention to the follower versus following ratio.

If you see an account with 320 Twitter users following them and they are only following 10 people, there is a strong chance that this user will not follow you. On the other hand, if you see someone follow 5,000 people, and only 100 follow back, there is a strong chance they will follow you, but not have anything useful to say (and not help send out your message).

When seeking out new followers (especially useful followers), you want to pay attention to this ratio. You want to seek out a Twitter user who has broken even, so to speak, with their Twitter account. If they break even, this means they will follow you back.

4) Pay attention to their message.

So you have found the break even Twitter account. You have found the person who will definitely follow you back. Except there is one extra characteristic you need to pay attention to – what exactly do they say? If you scroll through the top five tweets someone has sent out, you will get an idea about whether they are an active Twitter user or not. If you see tweets mentioning that it was sent through Hootsuite, don’t bother. If you see the “via” in a tweet and it mentions another Twitter user (and this happens to be all they send out), don’t bother (these are Twitter users that use the blog friendly, auto-tweeting service called Triberr).

You want to see Twitter users with “@” mentions, retweets, and their own personal tweets. You want the Twitter addicted who probably haven’t been on Facebook for months.

Remember – time and quality counts. It can take time to research the right followers, but the more time you are willing to put into this, the more likely the followers you have will be better and your brand will grow in the right way.

Author Bio: Eric Thomas is author and Brand Manager for, Australia’s leading business gifts supplier.

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